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Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

I am so sick of reading purists bashing of Dovo straights.  GET A LIFE DUDES.  There are only a handful of major manufacturers of straights remaining in this world.  There used to be A BUNCH...but there now, only a few.  Anyway...back to the review...your realistic choices in a straight are Thiers-Issard (read, French...and we will never respond to anyone who is not), and Dovo (read German...precision...Mercedes man, Mercedes !!!).  And so, to answer the purists...yes...you need to hone and prepare a Dovo out of the coffin even though they claim them as shave-ready.  Big...stinking...deal...man, so hone it !!!  And then...Shave On Man...Shave On !!!

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