iKon razors

 Fine all Stainless Steel razors built by a man who is a shaver...just like you and I.  Recent innovations include the affordable Shavecraft model, built out of a fortified aluminum which acts and feels just like their brothers...the all-stainless.  Also, the newly introduced DLC (diamond-like-coating) heads which promote 'smooth sailing' across the skin.  And not to forget, a growing line of accessories, from optional handles to cases and bases...iKon's got you covered !!!




ikon-standard     ikon-open


 ikon-oss     ikon-shavecraft


ikon-dlc-open-comb     ikon-dlc-oss


ikon-dlc-slant     ikon-handles


ikon-base     ikon-case


Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

Ha...Ha...Ha...the bashing this guy has taken on some of the forums only goes to prove the self-serving and arrogant natures of those arenas.  If you are looking to buy the epitome of a DE razor, look at iKon or ATT.  An ATT user most of my 'shaving life,' I have recently switched over to (or back to) the iKons due to DLC.  Makes my soap or cream feel 10x slicker...end of story !!!

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