Osma Shaving Soap contains an Alum based formula that is great for preparing the skin for a close, clean shave.  The specially formulated soap also contains Shea Butter to hydrate the skin.  In the unfortunate event of nicking yourself while shaving, use the Osma Alum Block or Stick with its vessel constricting astringent properties to curb any minor bleed.  Used for centuries to calm cut and damaged skin and as an underame natural deodorant and anti persipirant, the Alum will not only cool and  refresh the skin after shaving, but also act as a balm.  Simply wet the block, apply to face, and then gently dab dry with a towel.




Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014


One of the few French products that I can say...is truly worth the difference in price.  There are different grades of Sodium Potash my friends...and Osma offers the best.  Is there a difference in performance...don't really care...my alum block is Osma !!!


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