A great Victorian thinker once said, 'Quality is remembered long after the price has been forgotten'

Rooney simply defines the epotime of fine English brush making.  

We are one of only a very few stocking outlets for these

fine standard bearers of quality and design.



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Reviewed by Damon Stathatos    July 20, 2014

If you want the best brush made...find and buy a Morris and Forndran.  If you can't find one...buy a Rooney.  The rest pale in comparison.  The Limited Editions...Special Editions...Manchurians...etc., out there...they're all 'snake oil.'  My first brush was one I bought at Taylor's in their London shop.  I remember deliberating between $50 to $100, and all of the choices.  That brush lasted me FIFTEEN years and I just recently replaced it, but did not really even need to.  Buy the best and fagettaboutit !!!


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